Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Ones

John Mark is at it again. Reinventing the English language.

Markese, we call it.

His latest Markese phrases: happy noodle; two ones.

Happy noodle is a whole other post. Two ones today.

Two ones uses include...

John Mark, would you like a piece of candy?
Two ones, Daddy! Reaching open handed.

Let's go get Seth & tickle him, John Mark.
Yeah, tickle him two ones. Trotting toward Big Brother.

But the best is...

I love you, John Mark.
I love you two ones, Daddy. Hugging humbled Daddy.

Two ones.

Live Markese. Loving your Ones.

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Andrea said...

Every day a new adventure, and every child a special reminder that God made all of us unlike any one else!