Monday, August 2, 2010

Not a Dotcom

"I'm not a dotcom sorta guy," I told my Techese-fluent friend, Chris De Jabet.

"I'm more of a dotnet," I said. The idea of a network of friends like you stopping by whenever they'd like holds more appeal to me. The "net" truncates "network", you know. Not that any of those suffixes matter much anymore, but that is how it started when Al Gore invented the internet.

Yes, I am moving. Blogger has been a great start, but the move to a Squarespace journal format allows my own domain name & much more functionality. I'll add photo galleries & other items as time allows in the future. Right now my site looks plainer than a shoe box, but that will change too.

Please join me at, Reader Friends, to continue the journey together. I'll keep writing. You keep stopping by or subscribing. The same subscription services, other than Google Friend Connect, are available now on my new site.

Will you join me?

By the way, I did purchase other domains, including dotcom, but I prefer being a dotnet sorta guy.