Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Have you ever reached the end of your rope? Strength gone.

Have you had it with another person? Chances exhausted.

Have your dreams fallen apart? Wreckage complete.

Have you ever failed greatly? Fixes unworkable.

Have you lost hope? Disappointment much.

Have you said, "I'm Done"? Just Done.

Let me offer a thought as a fellow traveler who has been to Done before: It's okay. Stop. Pray. Invite God in. Ask for some strength. Some rest. Some patience. Some wisdom. Some hope. Some whatever you need.

Done is okay. For a moment or a day.

Done is okay.

"God is attracted to weakness. He can't resit those who humbly & honestly admit how desperately they need him. Our weakness, in fact, makes room for his power," writes Jim Cymbala.

I don't know about the rest of you who like to drive your own lives, but when I get to Done I get desperate. And desperate. When it humbles me. When I sober up to the reality of my much limited humanness. When I honestly admit my infinite weakness. When I recognize that my map was wrong. When I turn to Sovereign God. That is not a bad thing. He can do great, immeasurable, unsearchable, abundant things.

God will meet you at Done.

Hand Him the keys.

He will take it from there.


Julie said...

Thanks, Aaron. I needed that today.

KP said...

Was feeling a bit "done" this week. Thank you for the reminder of what to do about it.