Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tears for a Friend

Have you ever cried for a friend?

You hurt because they hurt. You wish you could change their circumstances. You want to make it all better. You pray that everything would come right. You cry for a friend.

You see where things are headed. You expect the anticipated end. You know its just not here yet. You hope the end comes or maybe you hope against it. You cry for a friend.

I am comforted. Jesus cried for his friend, Lazarus. Jesus knows hurt. Jesus knows life. Jesus knows pain. Jesus knows me. He knows my friend.

Thank you, Jesus, for tears.

Thank you, Jesus, for my friend.

Thank you, Jesus, for befriending me.

1 comment:

Kay said...

Thanks for this Pastor Aaron. If you've read my FB, you know I am going through this right now with my dear friend Lisa & her Marty. It breaks my heart & I'm here, not there.
I can't hug her or cry with her in person, I can't hold Marty's hand, nor help with the day-to-day stuff.
But I can pray through my tears. I won't give up hope and I will continue until she & God say to stop.