Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tomorrow Today

I was lazy yesterday morning. My alarm went off in the dark predawn. I decided to stay warm in bed. An hour later Melanie got up & went to the gym. I stayed warm in bed.

About 6:30 I heard some footsteps. Mary Elizabeth. I could tell. She stopped at her Mama's side of the bed in the dark.

Baby, it's too early for you to be up. Come around here & Daddy will lift you up & you can lay in Mama's spot & go back to sleep a while.

She didn't say a word as she trudged around & I lifted her up on the bed & pulled the covers over her. And Mary Elizabeth who never wants to wear socks to bed because her feet will be too hot tucked her cold little toes under me & laid her sweet little hand on my arm falling off to sleep in just moments. Precious.

Thirty minutes later the sonorous walk clock strikes 7:00 & Mary stirs a bit. I was ready to get up by then. I'd been wide awake listening to her breathe & breathing out prayers of my own. It's still dark when I speak to her.

Baby, are you ready to wake up?

"Mmmmmm," comes her half-plaintive, sleepy reply.

Today you get to go to your friend's house to play. We've got to get up & get ready.

And springing up faster than she'd snatch up an offered M&M she exclaimed, "It's tomorrow today!"

Yes, it is tomorrow today.

The tomorrow my precious four year old anticipated had arrived. And so the day began.

Today, January 20, 2009 our nation welcomes a long anticipated tomorrow. The United States of America will inaugurate as our new President, Barak Obama. Our nation founded & sustained by women & men who hold these truths to be self evident, who toiled for a dream that one day, and who gave their very lives for our liberty with so much history before welcomes history in the making today.

No matter your politics or religious convictions I pray that you will join me in praying for our new President, the man God ordained. Pray for his godly wisdom & that of his advisers in a role that requires so much more than one man can perform. Pray for his daily study of the Bible & counsel of it's teachings to know the realities that truly govern our nation & world. Pray for his safety & that of his family in nation where some would seek to harm him due to the color of his skin. Pray for our nation to unite & pray that revival may come & stir us with heavenly fire anew.

It is tomorrow today.

Let us pray.


Nancy Brown said...

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful and timely prayer. I really appreciated it.

sorel top said...

Amen & amen.

Anonymous said...

I know I've probably told you this a time or two but you could really be a writer. I want say you missed your calling because you're a great pastor but...
Love you,

Yoli said...

Love that.