Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Camel Part

The kids are looking forward to a trip to the zoo this evening. And as every parent knows, no trip to the Lincoln Children's Zoo is complete without a train ride.

One problem. Well two. Maybe four.

The train passes the camels. Two different pens. With two camels each equals four camels total.

As we've previously established, Mary Elizabeth has a sensitive nose. Camels stink. That's what she thinks.

Join the conversation this morning...

ME: I don't want to take a train ride today.
Daddy: You love the train ride.
ME: But I don't want to smell the camels.
Daddy: You like all rest of the train ride, right?
ME: I just don't like the camel part.
Daddy: Here's an idea, Mary. We ride the train & have fun. We just hold our noses on the camel part. How's that?
ME: Okay!

Problem solved.

Lord, remind me of this truth the next time my adult life stinks: Enjoy the ride. Just hold your nose on the camel part. It'll pass.


{{shan}} said...

What great advice. Sometimes we even need a clothes-pin because the stink goes on for so long...

On a related note, my kids can totally relate to the stinky camel. My in-laws have all the cousins for a whole week every summer (Cousins Camp) and one of their annual adventures is to a local wildlife farm. The camel always causes quite a stir (pictures kids "running for the hills" to the back of the Suburban, girls screaming, boys screaming like girls, and camel feed flying all over while Grandmom is trying to climb out of the front passenger seat and Grandad is laughing at them all). What memories! That's what summer camp is all about, right?!

Kim said...

Love it! Thanks for the advice. :O)

Runningmama said...

Profound advice!! I love it. I will be the crazy woman in SuperTarget squeezing her nostrils closed while her two boys shreik like banshees from the shopping cart.
Cute picture!!!

Yoli said...

I just love kids. They are so smart! Way to go with their advice dad! ;)